Darlene Florkowski

Darlene Florkowski decided to pursue a career in the medical field after caring for her grandmother who died of ovarian cancer. Florkowski says it gave her a sense of pride and well being to help her.

content-profile-sunstar-florkowskiFlorkowski is a critical care transport, EMT and has worked with Pinellas County’s EMS system for 30 years. She is a nationally registered EMT, EVOC instructor, has ITLS certification, NRP, PALS and CPR instructor. She attended St. Pete College.

Florkowski says she has had several memorable calls over the years but one that stayed with her was a mom taking care of her daughter in her twenties with ALS. She bonded with the mother over the selfless attention she gave her daughter. Florkowski and her partner even attended the funeral and the family commented how grateful they were over the gentle care they provided to their daughter. Even though we couldn’t save the patient she was thankful for the compassionate care we provided.

Florkowski says the job is truly an adventure each day, like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

Outside of work, she enjoys her eight children and two grandchildren. She is married to a firefighter/paramedic she met on the job. She volunteers at her kid’s school sporting events and pack care packages for troops overseas. She also volunteers with her children at hospice. Florkowski also likes to relax at the beach, eat pizza on Friday night and watch movies with her family and workout.

She is from Pinellas County and was born at one of the hospitals they transport to.

She loves living on the beautiful Florida coast.

Florkowski’s says Sunstar is truly superior to most other systems in training, equipment and people and feels confident they would receive great quality care if needed.