Eric Fayed

content-profile-sunstar-fayadEric Fayed knew as a teen that he wanted a job helping others one day. He started considering EMS as a 14 year old when he was in the explorer program.

Fayed is the lead communications training officer for Sunstar. He has been with the company for 15 years.

Fayed received his EMS certification from St. Petersburg College and is currently working on his bachelors degree in public safety administration.

Over the years, he can recall several memorable calls that made him glad he chose the field of EMS but one really stands out. Fayed arrived on a scene, where the patient had passed away, but he stayed with the victim’s elderly wife and comforted her until authorities arrived to pronounce him. During that time, Fayed says he got the opportunity to just listen to the woman share stories about her husband. He says that day he learned their job isn’t just about savings lives but making a difference to impact a life.

Fayed says he tells people interested in the EMS field to do it for the right reasons. He says it’s more than just a job and an adrenaline rush.

Outside of work, Fayed likes to help needy families in his community and relax by running, kayaking or other water sports. He also enjoys traveling with his partner.

He says Sunstar feels like his family and he has great friendships.