Jacqueline Vasquez

content-profile-vazquezJacqueline Vazquez decided to pursue a career in the medical field after being a caregiver for her mother while she fought cancer. Her mom died, but Vazquez learned a lot of valuable lessons from that experience.

She took her emergency medical technician classes at a college in Albuquerque, NM. Vazquez has been with Sunstar four years as an EMT and is also a field training officer. She has also been honored as an “All Star” by one of the county’s hospitals.

Vazquez has several calls that have impacted her at Sunstar.  One was a domestic violence scene where a woman was stabbed 32 times and survived. The patient has stayed in touch with Vazquez. She also received a thank you note from a patient who she brought back to life in his garage after suffering cardiac arrest.

She says if you are interested in this field be strong but also sensitive. She says be able to talk yet listen. The job is high stress but has a lot of rewards.

On her days off, you will find Vazquez kayaking or going to the beach with her boyfriend and puppy. She loves music!

Her favorite part about working at Sunstar is her co-workers. She says it’s an honor to work with some amazing men and women each day that I’m proud to call friends.