Three Rivers Ambulance Authority achieves high patient satisfaction scores

April 7, 2017

TRAA’s patient satisfaction averages 99.55 percent over six months in 2016

Three Rivers Ambulance Authority (TRAA) has achieved their highest patient engagement results to date. TRAA earned an overall patient satisfaction score of 99.55 percent during a six-month timeframe in 2016.

TRAA patients randomly receive phone calls to evaluate patient satisfaction with TRAA’s response to their emergency, TRAA’s communication with patients and family members, and its ability to manage the patient’s medical condition. A total of 890 patients were called from July to December 2016.

“These high results reflect TRAA’s commitment to quality patient care,” said Rob Smith, chief operating officer of Three Rivers Ambulance Authority. “We’re proud to serve the Fort Wayne community, and this information allows us to meet and exceed customer satisfaction performance targets.”

The data was also shared with TRAA personnel to provide feedback on the quality of their patient care, which has been an important factor in ongoing training. The surveys are still being conducted to record patient satisfaction year to date.