Charlene Cobb


Sunstar - Pinellas County, Florida


Community outreach coordinator


Charlene Cobb began her career in emergency medical services in Sayville New York in 1980. She was hired by Sunstar Paramedics in 1989 and initially worked as a Paramedic before quickly advancing to level of Field Training Officer and then onto the role of Education Coordinator. Charlene now serves as Sunstar’s Community Outreach Coordinator.

Charlene is passionate about our community and is the Vice Chair of the Pinellas County Safekids organization. She is also a frequent contributor to local and national publications on EMS and Public Safety. As an active member of the NAEMT Safety Board, she often travels throughout the country leading seminars for other professionals focused on the implementation of best EMS safety practices. Charlene also serves as a member of the international EMS Safety Foundation and was awarded the organization’s prestigious “Objective Safety Award” in 2008.

Charlene was the proud recipient of the 1998 State of Florida’s “Paramedic of the Year” award. That same year she was also selected as the Pinellas County “Paramedic of the Year,” for her work on a language translation guide for fellow EMS personnel. In 2008 Charlene received the State of Florida “Injury Prevention Award” for her work to promote child passenger safety. She was also selected in 2010 by Commissioner John Morroni to receive the “EMS Public Safety Award,” for her work to enhance ambulance safety.

This married mother of two has dedicated her career to the health and safety of the patients, the EMS workforce and the greater Pinellas County community. Her hobbies include travel, writing, volunteering and spending time with her family and her Sunstar co-workers.
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