Dale Feldhauser


Alameda County, California


Chief operating officer


Dale began his private EMS career with Mercy Ambulance of Grand Rapids Michigan in 1984 following a four year tour as a “medic in the United States Air Force.

Career progression in Grand Rapids included time as a paramedic, paramedic training officer and as a supervisor until 1988. In 1988 he was selected as the Director of Operations for the “start-up” team for the new Public Utility Model in Reno, NV when that contract was awarded to Mercy Ambulance, setting up and working in that system until his return to Grand Rapids in 1991. Following the purchase of Mercy Ambulance by Med-Trans in 1994 Dale has spent time in Grand Rapids and Detroit operations serving in a variety of senior leadership positions until the merger of Med-Trans and AMR in 1997.

In 1998 during the merger Dale left the new AMR and worked briefly as part of the ACD Group, an EMS consulting firm founded by Jack Stout that was the impetus behind the formation of Paramedics Plus as a viable competitor to AMR and Rural Metro for high performance EMS contracts. Following the unsuccessful bid by that group to begin service in Fort Worth, Texas Dale returned to his role as General Manager for the AMR Grand Rapids operation, holding that position until his re-joining Paramedics Plus in Alameda in February 2013.

In 1998 I had the fortunate experience of being involved very early with Paramedics Plus and when the opportunity to return was presented in 2013 the timing was perfect, as my wife as we were now empty nesters and able to relocate once again.


Dale holds an associate of science degree from Davenport University and an extensive education from the “school of past mistakes”.