Rodney Dyche


Paramedics Plus corporate office


Director of corporate training


Rodney began his career in rural Missouri. Working first as a certified first responder with a volunteer fire department, Rodney then received certifications as an EMT-A and a nationally registered paramedic. He has EMS experiences in wilderness, rural, suburban, and urban environments including working as system status controller. Rodney has experience with the public utility model, non-emergency ambulance services, mobile physician medical practice, and consulting.

After departing EMS operations for a short time to practice law, in 2010 Rodney returned to the field of EMS when an opportunity arose with ETMC EMS/Paramedics Plus. This organizations reputation for doing what is right and integrity attracted me. “I felt I could make a greater impact on society being directly involved with an EMS operation. With my current position I have the opportunity touch the lives each patient we see by helping to shape the organization’s leadership.”

While there are many EMS operators and organizations, few operate as ethically as this organization. I am proud to be a member of an operation that has the old fashion value that you can trust the words they say.


Rodney holds a bachelors of science degree in economics with a minor in management and a juris doctorate.