Who we are

The Paramedics Plus management team brings decades of experience to the provision of EMS, and we have a track record of building exceptionally strong relationships with our customers. We are partners with the local EMS as well as the community.

Customers and employees benefits

  • When you call on Paramedics Plus, you call on a team with a passion for medicine and a devotion to patient care.
  • We work to assure the best possible response times and unrivaled customer service. We see our work as more than a business. It’s a commitment to you and your community.
  • For patients and employees alike, we work to create an environment where EMS professionals can do their best to help ensure retention of key personnel and critical talent.
  • We see quality management principles and practices as essential as well, and we’ve worked to make sure the best practices are woven through all aspects of our organization at every level of our operation.
  • We rely on technology that works best, and we bring many years of experience to each operation we serve.
  • Our philosophy on the use of advanced and new technology is that it should improve the delivery of clinical care and customer service. It should improve employee working conditions and efficiency.

Our history

Paramedics Plus was created in 1998 as part of an ETMC EMS. In the 2000s, ETMC EMS continued to grow with the addition of Sunstar Paramedics and Three Rivers Ambulance Authority. With the addition of Alameda County, California and Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Paramedics Plus continues it’s commitment to provide exceptional service and compassionate care. Collectively our organization was responsible for more than 137,000 patient transports in 2008, with upward trends on the horizon.

As we grow, Paramedics Plus remains committed to the value of partnership. That’s why we continually focus on building strong relationships with customers, local EMS operators and the communities we serve.


Our business philosophy

Paramedics Plus is committed to creating long-term EMS partnerships by delivering efficient, innovative, high quality and cost effective emergency care that’s built around the needs of the people and communities we serve.

One of our core beliefs at Paramedics Plus is balance. We tend to the health and satisfaction of our patients, employees and customers so that no one element is out of proportion or unduly emphasized at the expense of the rest.

Decades of EMS provision have shown us that systems placing too much emphasis on financial gain do so at the expense of employees and customers. Organizations that put the major focus on customers often experience high employee turnover, creating a shortage of critical talent. Providers that yield to employee demands often are unable to sustain the cost of their practices.

Regardless of the scenario, patient care and satisfaction ultimately suffer when an EMS organization lacks balance. At Paramedics Plus we understand that balance correlates to stability – and stability leads to the dependable business practices and long-term relationships we desire.