A passion for excellence


At Paramedics Plus, innovation is not limited to equipment and technology. We strive for excellence in both the “hard” science of evidence-based clinical care and the “soft” people-oriented facets necessary for advancing EMS service.

We believe that innovation is just as vital to management as it is to technology and should be reflected in our programs, services, facilities and the character of our people.

We also believe that technology should be used to improve working conditions, the efficient delivery of clinical care and, ultimately, customer service.

Here are a number of the advanced EMS technologies we have utilized to date in our service areas:

  • Road Safety SafeForce Driving System
    features an on-board computer that measures and monitors a variety of safety and operational measures.
  • MARVLIS (Mobile Area Routing and Vehicle Location Information System)
    applies ambulance deployment science with mathematical precision to build a system status plan. The MARVLIS product line, including Demand Monitor and Deployment Planner, uses road impediments, dynamic service areas, demand densities and population and geography data to determine optimal unit placement to meet a specific response-time standard.
  • MARVLIS Client in-vehicle system
    provides location mapping, display incident location, display and update status, and display route recommendations from the ambulance’s current location to the incident, hospital or post.
  • Zoll Data Systems (formerly Pinpoint Technologies) RescueNet Suite
    is the computer-aided dispatching component of the RescueNet suite of products. RescueNet Dispatch, one the most widely used Microsoft Windows-based EMS dispatch solutions on the market, is an intelligent CAD system that is modular in nature. Modules for system status management, GIS mapping, transport scheduling, call taking and flight following are just some of the available modules. RescueNet Reports also aids in monitoring and adapting the system status plan, as well as the overall efficiency of the operation.
  • Nextel Communications iDEN wireless data network
    provides the backbone of communications that transpire between the mobile computer terminals of MARVLIS and the RescueNet Dispatch system. The Nextel Data Network has 99.5 percent uptime reliability and is used for a variety of applications including private two-way and voice communications. When tornadoes struck our Oklahoma City service area in 1999 and 2003, the Nextel network remained operational when other infrastructures failed. For these reasons Paramedics Plus finds the Nextel network to be an ideal solution for moving data and voice reliably and securely.
  • ISERA Quick Response Deployment Planner (QRDP)
    helps the system status manager chart efficient and optimal schedules that meet the demand for ambulance coverage while factoring in the needs of crew members. QRDP allows the SSM to try new scheduling options and shift combinations in a matter of seconds.
  • Medtronic/Physio Control LIFENET®
    is an electronic patient care record system (ePCR) developed so that paramedics can rapidly capture and transmit essential patient information to the LIFENET database for immediate review by medical personnel. LIFENET also utilizes an industry-leading business intelligence tool for in-depth analysis of patient management.